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Virtual Day Of Coaching

Join me for a 1:1 personal coaching session, and together we’ll tackle what’s holding you back from reaching your goals in your hobby or drone business!

you're not alone in this

You're feeling overwhelmed by possibilities

There are so many ideas in your head, and choices to make for your business. It’s like you’re just spinning your wheels every time you sit down at your desk. It’s really frustrating… downright maddening. Everyone else seems so put together – why aren’t you?

wouldn't it be great if you could...

Get Expert Advice

Have access to a business growth expert who understands where you're at in your struggles and can show you how to overcome them.

Get to the Root of Your Problems

Diving deep into your mindset issues and finding clarity by the end of the day so that you can push forward.

Get to the Right Amount of Support

No feeling pressured to figure this all out in an expensive, 30-minute call. There's time to find clarity, strategize, and even implement.

How Exactly does this work?

A 1:1 Virtual Day of Coaching is a different offering than what you’re maybe used to seeing. Here’s what it looks like on your end…

Wasting Time

The more time you spend all ho hum over what to do, the longer this will all take to get started. That means your vision could take months, sometimes even years before it’s implemented, much less see success.


You’re getting nowhere by making lists of ideas and daydreaming about what you want. It’s time to get unstuck and just do the freaking thing already so that you can make your dreams come to life.

Being Stressed

Agonizing over every little detail is sucking the fun out of all of this for you. You’re gonna need that spark to help you stay motivated and to get your future audience excited about your big plans too.

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Happy Clients Say the Nicest Things...

5Stars reviews


IT Consultant

Kat is always down to earth, and she keeps it real. We all need someone who won’t waste our time with fluff. Kat is knowledgeable, relatable, and fun to talk with. I had no doubts about paying for her time and expertise. This was very productive use of my time, and I feel lighter, more sure of myself, and ready to take the next step in my biz!

John Simon


This was such a unique opportunity. Not only did I get answers to all the little questions in the back of my mind, but I was able to get out of a space that could have stopped me from continuing to blog. Blogging can sometimes feel isolating when you are sorting things out, but this was like having a mentor for a day, helping you along with YOUR unique situation.

What can we talk about on our call?

Here’s some ideas based on what others have come to me about…

Product Launching

Maybe you feel stuck on mapping out a strategy, or too caught up in the details and not taking action out of fear that you're doing it wrong.

Making Pivots in Your Offerings

This call is great if you're looking to make a big change - moving from one offering to the next and really changing the focus of what people know you and your business for.

Passive Income Strategy

Deciding what money-making strategies are right for the kind of business or blog you want to have so that you feel good about them... while also choosing something that you can implement.

Unique Writing Tips for More Engaging Website Content

In this above-the-fold section, your aim should be to communicate the main purpose and focus of your website as succinctly as possible.


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